Yawn Marketing joins the Jarrold Group

Sam Edwards and Grace Appleby in front of Jarrolds

In an exciting business development, we’re thrilled to share the news that Yawn Marketing has been acquired by the Jarrold Group! With this strategic partnership, we will continue to deliver innovative marketing solutions for businesses across the UK, while gaining access to the resources and expertise of the Jarrold Group in retail, eCommerce, training and […]

Celebrating 5 Years of Yawn with 10 Memories

yawn marketing team members

As the team celebrates our 5th anniversary, we’re taking the time to reflect on what makes Yawn – Yawn. In doing so, we asked everyone if they could pick out a favourite memory from their time with us. While our services, results and clients make up a huge part of what we do, it’s the […]

Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements

Blue background with email icons

Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements – How to avoid the Spam folder Over the past few months, you may have heard about the new sender requirements being introduced by Google and Yahoo, and it might have you feeling anxious. Don’t worry; this blog will outline all that you need to do to ensure your […]

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Provider

Email icons on screen

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Provider: A Comprehensive Guide In today’s digital age, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience, build brand loyalty, and boost revenue. However, to harness the full potential of email marketing, you need the right email marketing provider.  In this blog post, we’re going […]

Optimised Landing Pages: Are you overlooking their value?

Your ad caught a customer’s attention. They want to find out more. Great!But the landing page has to keep their attention. A lot of people miss the mark on that one. What is a landing page? A landing page has a specific purpose: to help with a campaign’s conversion. Once clicking on an ad’s CTA […]

How Pinterest can level-up your eCommerce brand

Pinterest has long since been a recognisable name in the social media game. But, often overlooked, brands miss the mark by not using Pinterest in their marketing strategy. Find out what Pinterest can do for you. Pinterest is a social media platform that almost everyone has at least heard of. It is a creative space […]

eCommerce Marketing Tips for Jewellery Retailers

Online jewellery sales are rising across the globe with constantly changing trends come new opportunities, but also challenges. Recently, we have seen the price of raw materials rise, and less people training as designers and goldsmiths. In terms of marketing, we’re seeing businesses operating online and offline sales and hosting on alternative platforms (e.g. Pinterest […]

5 eCommerce trends to look out for in 2024

eCommerce sales are expected to reach almost $6.3 trillion globally in 2024. If you’re looking to grow your brand, it’s worth investing in eCommerce quickly, before you miss the boat! With the industry growing significantly over the last 5 years, we’re going to be seeing new advancements with both people’s online shopping behaviours and with […]

Personalised customer experience in the beauty industry

75% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if provided with personalised recommendations (Source: McKinsey). This could mean you’re missing out on the majority of your market if you don’t create personal customer experiences today! We’ve put examples below of brands that we think are smashing it in the hair and beauty industry. […]

Meta ads, Google ads… and rainbows!

You don’t need to spend a single penny on Meta or Google Ads to know that the crucial difference between the two is behaviour. At Yawn, we tend to break it down like this: Facebook users are looking at things, Google users are looking for things. Understanding each platform in those terms doesn’t just cut through a chunk […]