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Growing a seasonal marketing strategy for success

Who They Are

Worfield Plants’ love for horticulture and expertise in their sector were essential when they came to us to launch an eCommerce venture through web development, paid social media and search engine marketing.

The Process

Working closely with the team at Worfield Plants, we were able to combine their passion for plants with our passion for marketing to support their business growth strategy.

A key part of the business growth strategy was the development of a new eCommerce platform to showcase their extensive product offering. The website greatly elevated Worfield Plants’ online presence and transformed eCommerce within their industry.

Our paid marketing strategy for Worfield Plants allowed us to prove the concept of e-commerce, define their key audiences, and generate returns. Working closely with the experts at Worfield Plants gave us a deep understanding of horticultural language, which heavily influenced how we maximised search engine advertising. We were able to hone in on their niche and specify their keywords to optimise their search ads. We successfully identified and prioritised queries that increased their return on investment and e-commerce reach. Closely observing data, as well as knowing the seasonal plant ranges available, allowed us to drive decisions based on analytics and the performance of queries.

The Results

Worfield Plants is a great example of why our approach works. Being aware that the majority of businesses work seasonally, particularly in horticulture and agriculture, we are able to help our clients generate returns all year round.

We pride ourselves on combining approaches from different platforms to offer a joined-up marketing strategy that is driven by data and generates results.


times return on ad spend from Google Search ad campaigns

Yawn have helped us build our retail brand from scratch. We’re really proud of how fast our eCommerce venture has grown and we couldn’t have done that without their strategic marketing input. Our web development has been swift but considered and their expertise and ads management have helped focus our efforts. I can’t recommend enough.

Lark Gowen, Head of eCommerce at Worfield Plants

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