- Fraser Hart

Creating customer journeys for leading jewellers

Who They Are

Fraser Hart is one of the UK’s leading jewellers with 25 shops across the UK. They are the perfect shopping experience for luxury watches, diamonds, jewellery and gifting. Working 

The Process

We worked with Fraser Hart to plan email automations and marketing. This involved delving into their customer’s journeys and optimising each section accordingly. From when a customer first signs up or lands on the website, each stage should be optimised to prioritise purchase intent. 

Setting up email marketing journeys increases the likelihood of customers converting. We looked at potential reasons for customers not to buy a product, and set up automated campaigns for things such as ‘abandoned cart’, which gave customers a reminder and incentive to purchase. 

The Results

Our campaigns created for Fraser Hart were able to generate returns through carefully curated customer journeys that kept purchase intent high.

Following our work, the team at Fraser Hart were empowered to plan and execute more campaigns, knowing the tailored journeys for each audience. By simplifying their CRM, Fraser Hart were able to plan campaigns that convert and engage customers.

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