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Who They Are

Agri-EPI Centre was founded by the government to close the divide between innovation and industry across the agri-tech sector. Working with businesses, scientists, farmers and engineers, Agri-EPI develop new products and services that empower, connect and promote innovation in agriculture.

The Process

To begin, we ran internal and community research for Agri-EPI. This helped us to understand the organisation and their brand. Our interviews with internal stakeholders established a deeper understanding of their processes, services and audiences.

Through our discovery sessions, we learned about Agri-EPI’s mission and the community they serve. Crucially, of course, we identified the marketing challenges that the organisation faced and suggested practical ways to improve user experience and brand communication. Over the following weeks, we presented our research and worked with the Agri-EPI Business Development team to improve marketing function and capabilities.

We believe a good website should sit at the heart of a marketing mix, setting the agenda and converting new leads. With that in mind, our primary focus was to prepare a website concept that would serve the Agri-EPI Centre brand online. We also outlined a holistic strategy, which involved building a comprehensive list of available marketing channels. From this, we explored ways that Agri-EPI could make marketing less of a minefield.

The Results

Agri-EPI’s discovery sessions helped us to define their USPs and understand the landscape they operate in. The sessions also highlighted the organisation’s key marketing challenges – including structural processes around how different departments communicate and take active roles in the overall marketing function.

Agri-EPI generates a huge amount of content. But not everyone had easy means to contribute. As well as supporting Agri-EPI to organise the sheer amount of content they had, we devised simple ways to integrate content generation into day-to-day processes across the organisation. That way, valuable content can be regularly contributed (and published) without swamping the marketing team. We also helped them organise their content into a convenient calendar, allowing the team to plan ahead and get strategic.

We couldn’t recommend working with Sam and the team at Yawn more highly. We bought them in to help on a strategic project for which the output was excellent. However, the team went well beyond expectations and ensured that we were able to start implementing too.

Thomas Slattery, Senior Marketing Officer at Agri-EPI Centre

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