- Wilk Ilk

Raising the brand profile of a graphic design agency

Who They Are

Wild Ilk are a graphic design agency based in Birmingham, who focus on the meaning and purpose behind each design they create. They came to Yawn as they wanted to showcase their work and celebrate 10 years of graphic design, through releasing limited edition prints and raising their brand’s profile.

The Process

Delving into their industry and exploring the stories behind each piece they created, we crafted copy for social media advertising that perfectly suited their brand.

Their social media advertising strategy involved carefully choosing target locations and audiences that would be interested in their graphic design portfolio and maximising budgets to showcase their work through paid social media advertising.

The Results

Our approach allowed us to utilise their existing social media strategy and use their own content to further their reach through paid advertising. Although many of our clients use paid social media advertising to increase their profits, we understand that it is also a powerful tool to raise brand awareness and increase brand recollection.

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