Testing the waters, soaking up success with Google Ads

Who They Are

WATR want to make a positive difference to the world with smart water monitoring technology. Exclusively managing their search engine marketing, we’ve supported WATR to break into their field of expertise and become leaders in their industry. 

The Process

To begin working with WATR, we delved into their industry to discover what made them different from their competitors and discover how to showcase the value of their products. With the potential to reach businesses as well as individuals, how could we help this sustainable solution get noticed?

WATR, a metric-focussed company, required marketing that relies heavily on analytics and testing. At Yawn, our approach to paid search relies upon data-driven decision making. For our work with WATR, this has involved adjusting our strategy to hone in on profitable keywords and increase their prominence in a growing market. It has meant performing in-depth research to their sector to maximise the success of  their strategy and make the most of profitable search terms.

The Results

Focussing on lead-generation, we optimised ad copy and landing pages to support each stage of a customer’s journey. Testing ads and placing the correct ad extensions to create the optimum customer experience has proven to continue to bring WATR to the top of search results.

Disrupting their industry by providing a high end product to a mass market has meant we’ve honed in on search terms to generate increasing leads for WATR.

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