- The Howard League

Reforming a comms strategy

Who They Are

The Howard League for Penal Reform conducts academic research, provides legal services, and leads the national conversation about our prison system. The organisation is more than 150 years old and campaigns for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison.

They chose Yawn Marketing to help shape their communications strategy and revitalise their approach to campaigning. We carried out a full marketing and communications review to explore the League’s current strategy, segment their audience, and identify key campaigning opportunities.

The Process

All our projects begin with extensive research into a sector and conversations with experts to learn more about the context of a brand or organisation. We started by researching the history of penal reform in the UK and how The Howard League has influenced policy and contributed to the public conversation.

Visiting the League in London, we ran a brand development and communications workshop, hearing from the team and auditing the campaigning work they do. As part of that project, we were careful to measure the effectiveness of particular content and channels, helping to set the agenda for future campaigning. Through a range of exercises, we drew up a holistic strategy, mapping the League’s marketing funnel and engaging its membership with meaningful communications. 

Finishing the workshop, the team felt they had clarifications on the objectives of their work and supported knowing how to work best on each channel. 

The Results

Our work with The Howard League continues to transform their campaigns. This clarity of thought has set them up to progress with national campaigning and helped shape the organisation’s next chapter.

The workshop created the space for us to pause and consider what we've been doing, how it serves our objectives, and review its effectiveness. It helped us consider the necessary questions and facilitated important conversations.

Katie Logue, Communications Coordinator at The Howard League

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