- The Hamlet

Creating an inclusive marketing strategy for a local disability charity

Who They Are

The Hamlet are an incredible charity supporting children and adults with disabilities in Norfolk. They work across four sites offering a wide range of services and are quickly expanding. Yawn partnered with The Hamlet through our Friends of Yawn scheme, whereby charities and non-profit organisations can benefit from 12 weeks of tailored marketing support and strategy.

The Process

The Hamlet already had a very engaged social media community made up of friends and families of service users. We knew their marketing strategy had to be social media and content-led, focussing on the exciting activities they offer and the service users. Yawn assessed their existing approach to digital marketing and looked at how they could best engage their existing audience and position themselves as one of the leading disability charities in Norfolk. However, we also had to recognise the importance of accessibility and inclusion in this strategy. How could we help those with all disabilities engage with content? To do this, we researched how best to offer alt-text and worked with the staff to create inclusive social media templates.

Although working with charities for 12 weeks has benefits, we knew that Yawn would not be able to maintain the consistency needed for The Hamlet to thrive on social media. We therefore trained staff in photography through engaging workshops covering the basics of social media content creation. These were also a great opportunity to excite staff about digital marketing and allow them to share ideas which they could then execute.

The Results

Following our strategy and workshops, we offered The Hamlet ongoing support by sharing ideas on how they could celebrate their 50th Anniversary through exciting marketing campaigns. As well as this we looked at how they could draw on other charities in Norfolk to fundraise and build communities.

"Yawn is a friendly, enthusiastic and effective agency with a strong social conscience. We found them to be professional and pragmatic, providing solutions that were both cost-effective and met our needs."

Ellie Coulson, CEO at The Hamlet Charity

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