- Messina Hembry

Advertising a vintage clothing brand to global audiences

Who They Are

Messina Hembry are an incredible eCommerce who are a key player in the already trending vintage fashion industry. Having worked previously with Love Island and influencers, they came to Yawn looking to expand their paid advertising reach and increase their profitability.

The Process

Working with the Messina Hembry team, we structured a sales funnel to establish streams of high-quality traffic with high purchase intent. This then formed the foundations for our paid advertising strategy. However, we knew that we couldn’t tackle every platform, country, and campaign at once. Instead, we chose to prioritise their biggest market opportunities and sought to improve performance through Google and Meta Ads.

Our data-driven decisions led to a complete restructuring of their approach to paid advertising. We began testing ad structures and campaign types, then using the results to inform our following tests. We’ve researched into their industry and looked at how to take advantage of the wide range of brands they stock, through carefully selecting high-performing keywords and targeting niche audiences.

In addition, we refused to settle for generic ads. We pushed for more creative campaigns, and expanding our audience. We’ve since looked to global shopping campaigns, targeting individuals in Messina Hembry’s key areas, and taking advantage of their worldwide delivery. Taking inspiration from leading fashion retailers and photography from Messina Hembry, we’re regularly making exciting creatives and writing engaging copy that converts consumers into customers.

The Results

We’ve created the opportunity for data to inform not just what we’re doing, but the wider business, as we seek to provide CRO consultation and look at the journey customers go on prior to purchasing. As we continue to grow their paid advertising strategy, we are also starting to expand to new platforms, particularly TikTok and Microsoft Ads.

Since beginning work with Yawn Marketing in September, Messina Hembry have seen more paid advertising profit generated in 3 months than in the first 6 months of the year!

We continue to look at ways to expand Messina Hembry’s online presence through a mix of paid marketing strategies and consultation on how they can grow organically.


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