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Creating the building blocks for a toy shop's socials

Who They Are

Langleys was founded in 1883 and has since become one of Norfolk’s largest independent toy and game retailers. Situated in Chantry Place and The Royal Arcade, they saw a great deal of footfall but wanted to expand their digital presence so came to Yawn for social media support.

The Process

We were able to visit Langleys regularly to discuss content strategies, take photos and explore new ideas. Our monthly photography sessions involved carefully capturing toys and models to focus on the detailing and keep up to date with rotating stock in each shop.

After discussing with Langleys, we realised the importance of splitting the models and toys aspects of their business, creating separate social media profiles for each shop. This meant we were able to tailor content to suit audiences and showcase the products to the correct markets. We researched other shops in their industry, drew upon inspiration from other accounts, and consistently tested post styles and copywriting through posts.

This content-focussed strategy drew attention to their physical shop as well as exploring the opportunity for expansion of eCommerce. For Yawn, this meant carefully crafting captions and content to encourage in-store and online purchases. It also involved reaching out to local shops and the shopping centres where the shops were located with deals and events.

The Results

Growing Facebook and Instagram pages allowed us to form a new community, engage existing customers and expand brand awareness in Norfolk. Our content creation allowed us to constantly develop new ideas and showcase their stock through innovative product photography.

Through content creation and strategically testing ideas on social media, our team were able to expand Langleys’ digital presence and explore new business opportunities through social media marketing.

It's obvious that Yawn's approach is anything but 'tired'. They've well and truly got stuck into the 'hands-on' demands of the brief -  it's a pleasure working with them.

Steven Scott, Owner of Langleys

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