- Durrell Property

Building a brand for property investors

Who They Are

Durrell Property is a Norfolk-based property investment firm. They reached out to Yawn for support with their brand positioning.

The Process

Working closely with the client, we ran brand development exercises that clearly defined Durrell Property’s position in the housing market. Exploring who a business is and learning more about its journey allows us to develop a stronger relationship with our clients and create a more tailored marketing strategy. We transformed these brand exercises into a clear strategy and brand guidelines. We knew it needed to be something that spoke to their clients and could be used daily to support Durrell Property’s growth.

It became clear that a website could allow this business to flourish and become a destination for generating enquiries as well as showcasing Durrell Property’s existing portfolio. We created a simple website to simplify the investment process with helpful timelines and easy

The Results

We created a content-led strategy that showcased Durrell’s varied portfolio of investments, which mainly focussed on organic social media to generate enquiries. Their website became a tool when networking with local businesses, that showcased clearly who they are and the story of Durrell Property.

Great team and very knowledgable! I found it very useful to have the perspective of a professional marketing company advise me on my business marketing approach.

Tom Durrell, Property Developer at Durrell Property

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