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Growing a centralised website for a group of horticultural businesses

Who They Are

Boningale is a horticulture wholesale nursery working as four business units – Boningale Nurseries, Viridis Plants, Worfield Plants, and GreenSky. They pride themselves on providing high quality plants to a range of domestic and commercial customers. This has led them to become one of the leading suppliers to the British landscaping industry and pioneers in plant health management and environmental expertise.

The Process

Although each of Boningale’s business units has its own website and branding, they needed an overarching website to explain more about the wider business and Boningale Nurseries specifically. To being the website building process, we worked closely with the team at Boningale to define the audience that would use the site and tailor it to the user’s needs.

We also understood their emphasis on sustainability had to play a role in how the site functions. Therefore, the blog featured allowed them to go into further detail about the work they’re doing for the environment. We made it easy to navigate through both on the front-end and back-end, allowing the whole team to be involved in the blog content process.

The Results

Their website has allowed Boningale to have a centralised place to drive traffic to, giving the users the chance to identify the individual business units and which best suits their needs.

Since launching, the site content has expanded through engaging blog content, written by experts in horticulture at Boningale.

Great team of experts! Yawn Marketing have assisted in our growth over a short space of time and are always on hand to offer advice and suggest new initiatives. The Data is key to our growth and this is used daily to mold and develop our marketing and advertising strategy.

Thomas Stabler, Marketing Manager at Boningale Ltd

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